Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fu*ck Those Scumbag Somalis

In a true show of who rules the seas the US Navy freed the boat captain held by a**hole militants of a worthless nation, Somalia.

Let this be a warning to a continent who after 2,000 years still urinates and deficates in their drinking water while America sends people to the moon and back in it's 200 year existence.

Kudos to the Americans and I do not mean our citizen of the world President O'bama.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Obama and April Both Stink

I have to come out and say it................ April stinks. I cannot see where this so called global warming is still able to get top billing. Spring has been here for two weeks and the temps are way below normal for the umpteenth April in a row.
Since spring arrived we have had exactly three days of normal temps. So if you still latch on to the global warming bandwagon get your head out of the sand. Even the eco warriors realize how wrong they are on the subject!
Have you noticed the new monicker given to global warming? Global warming is now called climate change. So no matter if the earth is cooling or warming eco nazis stake their claim to be the guardians of impending doom.
We have a new president who says he does not care if electricity rates skyrocket under his cap and trade intiative. Cap and trade has to do with CO2 emissions coming from generators of electricity. O'man admits that electric rates will go up 40% and even champions the fact that "energy rates must go up" under this scenario.
So we have the government investigating gasoline prices at $4 per gallon. Who is going to investigate this charade when energy prices skyrocket?
So here we sit, another cold April, and we cannot get into the garden. I am just waiting for someone to say this cold weather is caused by global warming.
Its' probably already happened................................